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Hook On "HOL", "HO" & "IHO"

  • The Hook On Bucket Forks "HO" and Industrial Hook On Bucket Forks "IHO" are for Farm, Compact, and Industrial Loaders with lift capacities to 3,500, 4,500, and 6,500 pounds and comes with either 42 or 48 inch forks.  Three hooks are welded to the top of the bucket so that the forks that are mounted on a bar can be easily mounted or removed. 




    • Changes from front-end loader to fork lift in seconds
    • Mounts without tools or labor
    • Solid high carbon steel forks
    • Extra brackets available for using forks on more that one bucket




    MODEL #






    HOL 42 1,500 157
    HO 48 3,500 274
    IHO 48 45 4,500 336
    IHO 48 65 6,500 380


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