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The Foundation of How We Run Our Business 


W. R. Long implemented EOS in 2022.


EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a transformative framework comprising straightforward concepts and practical tools that have empowered countless entrepreneurs worldwide to realize their business aspirations. By implementing EOS, you and your leadership team enhance your proficiency in three key areas: VISION, uniting your entire organization with a clear destination and a roadmap to reach it; TRACTION®, fostering focus, discipline, and accountability to ensure daily execution of that vision; and HEALTHY, cultivating a cohesive, functional, and robust leadership team. EOS, not to be confused with a computer operating system, is a people operating system. It streamlines the complexities of entrepreneurship, enabling you to proactively address challenges, align the right talent, supercharge meetings, and foster a culture of accountability. With EOS, everyone works cohesively toward shared objectives, resulting in smoother, more profitable business operations and the ability to break through growth barriers while enjoying a more balanced life.


W. R. Long joined C12 in 2020. 

For over thirty years, C12 has been unwavering in its commitment to empowering Christian business leaders to bridge the gap between faith and work. They understand the immense challenges and responsibilities that business leaders face daily, which can often lead to a sense of isolation at the top. Through their unique framework, including the 5-Point Alignment Matrix and the Business as a Ministry (BaaM) concept, they provide a transformative experience for CEOs and executives. By continually assessing, planning, and aligning growth strategies, financial stewardship, cultural development, and operations, C12 members rise to new heights of employee engagement, customer satisfaction, financial well-being, and cultural vibrancy. Their focus is not just on talk but on action, emphasizing results and the lasting Kingdom impact that their members achieve. With C12, you're not alone at the top; you're part of a powerful community dedicated to honoring God through excellence in leadership and business.  Their mission is to equip Christian CEOs and owners to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

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