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Light Weight Grapple for Sub-Compact and Compact Tractors up to 40hp.

Root Rake Brush Grapple

Valve Kits Shipping in 2 business days. Attachment lead time is 2 weeks. Select attachments in stock.

Last updated 1/30/23.

W.R. Long Round Bale Mover (RBM). Use to move round bales of hay.

Round Bale Hay Mover (RBM)

The RBM is used to load and unload 4' round bale hay and the RBM-24 is used to load and unload  5', and 6' round bale hay tightly wrapped in net wrap.  Allows for more hay storage per square foot.  This barn can hold 640 bales stored horizontal and 720 bales stored vertical.  Extensions are available to convert the RBM to the RBM-24.  See our product page here.

Have you gone fishing with your grapple lately?

Ben V. of Duck, NC has found a use for his RBG-60 that we never thought of.  Have you gone fishing with your grapple lately?  Ben found this 16' Basking Shark and moved it with his Root Rake Brush Grapple.  Oh, by the way Ben says "It does a great job of picking stuff up." 

The W.R. Long Root Rake Brush Grapple (RBG) in action.

How to Determine the Correct Front End Loader Attachment 

W.R. Long rates our 4-N-1 buckets based on the bottom center of the bucket at full height.  Some loader manufactures give the loader capacity at the bottom center at full height and some will give the loader capacity at full height at the pivot pin, 500 mm from the pivot pin, or 800 mm from the pivot pin.  If your loader is rated at 1,530 lbs. at the pivot pin and 880 lbs. at 800 mm from the pivot pin then you could take the average of these two numbers and come up with a rating of 1,205 lbs. This rating would fit the UJ2 bucket.

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