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At W. R. Long Inc., we stand as a cherished family-owned and operated enterprise nestled in the heart of Eastern North Carolina. With a legacy rooted in the farm machinery industry since 1943, the Long family’s expertise is unparalleled. On January 27, 1987, William “Bill” Redden Long and his nephew Zebulon “Vance” Long united to officially establish W. R. Long. Our commitment lies in presenting top-tier offerings, reflecting the utmost quality, and complemented by an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.

W. R. Long began production in Tarboro, NC with the introduction of the Hydro-Jaw 4N1 bucket for loaders on farm and utility tractors. Today, we manufacture live 3rd function valve kits and attachments for loaders on compact tractors, farm and utility tractors, light industrial tractors, tractor loader backhoes, mini skid steers, and skid steer loaders with lift capacities from 450 – 6,500 pounds.


  • Early 1900s: The Long family's journey in the farm machinery industry began when Zebulon "Zeb" Long purchased a farm. It was on this farm that Zeb’s son, William “Bill” Redden Long, started working on farm machinery for his father and neighbors. During this time, Bill developed a Silent Flame Burner for curing tobacco, marking the inception of the Long family’s involvement in farm machinery.

  • 1948: Bill Long founded Long Manufacturing Co. and began building his first tractor, the Long Model A.

  • 1960s-1980s: Bill’s nephew Zebulon “Vance” Long and his brother-in-law Donnie Sloan, work at Long Manufacturing Co.


  • 1987: A significant chapter in our history unfolds as Bill and Vance join forces to establish W. R. Long, Inc. Their inaugural creation, the Hydro-Jaw Heavy Industrial 4N1 Bucket, set the foundation for our journey.


  • 1988: Donnie Sloan becomes a part of the W. R. Long team, running operations as the production manager.

  • 1998: Vance Long's inventive spirit shines as he introduces the Root Rake Brush Grapple (RBG), a solution that met the evolving needs of our customers.


  • 2000: Building on their commitment to innovation, Vance Long unveils the Ultra-Jaw 2 (UJ2) 4N1 Bucket, further enhancing the versatility of our offerings.


  • 2004: The legacy continues as Vance Long's son, Nelson Long, officially joins the W. R. Long team, bringing with him fresh perspectives and a dedication to excellence.


  • 2005: Nelson Long leaves his mark with the introduction of the Root Rake Brush Grapple 2 (RBG2), designed to meet the ever-growing demands of our clientele.


  • 2007: The Open Bottom Grapple 2 (OBG2) is introduced, showcasing our commitment to evolving with the times and staying at the forefront of the industry.


  • 2015: A pivotal moment arrives as Vance Long, with 28 years of dedicated service, retires from W. R. Long, leaving behind a lasting legacy of innovation and quality.


  • 2019: Donnie F. Sloan, who contributed 31 years of expertise to W. R. Long, embarks on his well-deserved retirement, having played a vital role in our journey.


  • 2020: The next generation continues the tradition of excellence as Nelson Long's son, Brandon Long, joins the W. R. Long team, carrying forward the family's commitment to crafting exceptional farm machinery solutions.

From Left to Right: Vance Long, Brandon Long, Nelson Long, and Donnie Sloan

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