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Valve Kits

Each W. R. Long Valve Kit is designed specifically for the tractor and loader it's manufactured for. We carry two different styles of valve kits. The first is a Live Third Function Valve Kit, which uses a two button switch to control the front end loader attachment. This kit is designed to be run off the power beyond port of the loader valve. The second type of kit is the Selector Valve Kit. The selector valve kit diverts fluid using a single push button on the handle. This valve diverts fluid from the loader cylinders (that are operated by moving the joystick) to the attachment only while the button is depressed.


In the valve kit line up, there are a few different size valves. The valve size that is required is determined by your tractor's implement flow rate. W. R. Long has already sized each kit appropriately for your tractor and loader and only sells the correct size valve kit for your tractor.

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