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​1. W. R. Long Inc Price Book (Updated 10-1-22)

2. W. R. Long Inc. Credit Application

3. W. R. Long Inc. Sales Tax Exemption Form

4. W. R. Long Inc. Return Form

5. W. R. Long Inc. Brochure

6. W. R. Long Blank Pin On Bucket Drawing

7. Selector Valve Kit Required Information

8. Blank Blade with Holes Drawing

9. Tooth Bar for Tapered Bucket

10. Selector Valve Kit Instructions (ST, QC, TT)

11. Back of D03 and D05 Instructions

12. Parts Breakdown for DO3 and DO5 Valve

13. Bolt On Grapple Instructions

14. Bolt On Grapple Profile including Light, Single, Dual, and X

15. Cross Over Relief Valve Instructions for Front Blade

16. Dealer Locator

17. W. R. Long Dealer Page

If you would like to add a short cut on your computer desktop to this W. R. Long Dealer Page simply click on the link above and drag it from here to your desktop.  You will then be able to come back to this page by simply double clicking your new icon.

18. Below you can download our W. R. Long Inc. logo.  We would appreciate it if you would provide a link on your web site to ours.  

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W. R. Long Logo

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