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SP with Back Drag
SP with Back Drag Back Angle

Snow Pusher


The Snow Pusher is designed for Subcompact and Compact Tractors up to 40 hp, our Snow Pusher is expertly crafted for efficient snow clearing.


  • Adaptable design: Choose from various quick attach options, pin-on connections, or the scoop-in mount, all at no extra cost.

  • Replaceable 1" thick by 6" wide rubber cutting edge, edge is reversible ensuring durability.

  • Additional metal cutting edge option available

  • The Snow Pusher stands at approximately 24" in height and spans 32" from front to back.

  • Equipped with replaceable skid pads made from hardened steel for extended wear.

  • Customize your experience with an optional back drag feature, perfect for maneuvering around garage doors and walls.

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