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D03 Valve Kit Installed
Standard Rocker Switch Handle
Sample Kit Contents

3rd Function Valve Kit


W.R. Long provides valve kits for most subcompact, compact, farm, utility, and light industrial loaders.  Valve kits include the valve, handle with switch, hydraulic hoses with fittings, mounting bracket, and instructions.


The electric hydraulic 3rd function valve kit includes a molded hand grip with a rocker switch, which has three positions.  One position to open the attachment the second position to close the attachment and the spring return home position for no action.  The W. R. Long valve is connected to the power beyond port of your loader valve, therefore if your power beyond port is active when your loader is operating then the W. R. Long valve will operate your attachment at the same time. With this in mind, the W.R. Long 3rd function valve kit is a live third operation. As long as the loader valve keeps sending fluid out the power beyond port, you will be able to raise/lower, dump/curl, and open/close your bucket all at the same time.  The molded hand grip is designed to slide over your loader joy stick and is secured with two set screws.  The kit includes a mounting bracket to mount the valve to the tractor, hoses, and instructions.


NOTE: If your tractor comes with a backhoe as standard equipment like the Kubota L39 then the hose lengths and hose ends will be correct.  If you have a backhoe that is an option or later added on then the hose length and hose end may not be correct since the valve kit is designed for the loader when there is no backhoe present.  These kits are not sized to operate a hydraulically powered motors such as on a rotary broom.   

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