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Round Bale Mover "RBM"


Our Round Bale Mover "RBM" is expertly crafted to fit the majority of tractor loaders and skid steers.




  • Effortlessly handles and repositions round bale hay wrapped with Net Wrap.

  • Arms do not hug bale, enabling precise bale placement tightly beside another bale.

  • Allows hay to be stacked as shown in photo above allowing more hay storage per square foot.

  • Maximizes hay storage efficiency per square foot, as shown in the photo.

  • Heat treated bushings with zinc plated stress proof pins.

  • Two welded construction double acting cylinders standard.

  • Barn shown in photo can hold 620 bales stored horizontally and 720 bales stored vertical. 

  • Operator-friendly, easily replaceable fingers ensure minimal maintenance hassles.

  • The Round Bale of hay must be wrapped tight for the RBM to pick it up without the bale coming apart. The larger and heavier the bale of hay the more important it is for the bale to be tight.

  • With a tight bale of hay the RBM will handle 4' up to 5' foot diameter bales easily again depending on the strength of the bale of hay.  The RBM-24 is a better choice for bales 5 to 6 foot in diameter.

  • If you choose the RBM and later decide you actually need the RBM-24 then a set of extensions can be purchased to extend your RBM arm length an additional 14". 

  • The length and thickness of the hay is also a factor in the strength of the bale of hay.

Don't forget to add our W.R. Long 3rd Function Valve Kit to operate your new Round Bale Mover.

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