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Interactive 3D Model

Valve Kit Operating RBG3

Root Rake Brush Grapple 3 "RBG3"


The RBG3, or Root Rake Brush Grapple 3, is expertly crafted to fit sub-compact and compact tractors with up to 40hp. Made from abrasion resistant AR400 steel, the RBG3 boasts exceptional durability, making it ideal for applications with moderate-to-heavy wear. Its lightweight design is specifically engineered to enhance the performance of sub-compact loaders. It features replaceable high carbon steel teeth, ensuring maximum ground engaging strength.


  • Light weight. (48" is only 213lbs)

  • Root Rake and Grapple tines made out of AR400.

  • Ideal for tree service work, lot clearing, trash removal, demolition, etc

  • Root Rake and Grapple tines serrated for maximum load gripping and crushing strength.

  • Load center is closer to the loader than on other types of grapples

  • Heat treated bushings with stress proof zinc plated pins

  • RBG3 opens to 39 inches

  • Top grapple tines closes down all the way to rake teeth

  • Uses two 2" x 6" welded constructed hydraulic cylinders

  • Comes standard with two 50” long hoses and a set of 1/2’’ pioneer ag style quick couplers. 3/8” Pioneer Ag style quick couplers, 3/8" Flat Face, and 1/2” Flat Face quick couplers are also available upon request.

** RBG3-40 is for Compact Utility Loaders Only

Don't forget to add our W.R. Long 3rd Function Valve Kit to operate your new RBG3 Grapple.

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