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Adaptor Plate "APUM"

  • The W.R.Long adaptor plate "APUM" converts your pin on loader to a universal quick attach loader. This allows you to connect to many currently available attachments. If you need to convert your existing attachment to the universal quick attach plate we can help with that also. We have drawings on over 750 pin on loaders so we should have exactly what you need.


    Our model number is APUM and the average weight is approximately 130 pounds.  Most adaptor plates can ship by UPS, however UPS will not take some due to the weight of the heavier adaptor plates.  In general the larger the tractor the heavier the brackets. 


    The Adaptor Plate has been designed to be as compact as possible, therefore the dimension from the front of the adaptor plate to the back of the adaptor plate is 2-1/8".  This helps preserve the lift capacity of the loader.  The width of your loader arms determine how wide the back side of the adaptor plate must be.  If the center line to center line distance of your loader arms are over 40" then the back side of your adaptor plate will be wider than the front side of the adaptor plate. If the center line distance of your loader arms are over 40" and the end plates of your attachment are over 2-1/8" then you may need to modify the end plates on your attachment or order the APUM-Special.  See sketch below for additional information.


    There are a number of companies that manufacture front end loader attachments and with this variety of manufacturers there is also a variety of designs.  The angle of the back plate varies from 30 degrees from vertical to 0 degrees from vertical depending on the manufacturer and attachment.  W. R. Long has concluded that using a back plate angle of 10 degrees would be the best angle suited for most loader/attachment combinations.  We have drawings on over 750 different loaders that have been collected over 25 years and the mounting bracket designs are based on the original bucket setting level on the ground. 


    Based on the information above please check your attachment and your loader to make sure your attachments will hook up properly and have sufficient range of motion.

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