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Grapalator with Removable Rails "HGARR-10"


The Grapalator, an innovative front-end loader or skid steer attachment that seamlessly combines our hay accumulator and hay grapple for a more efficient square bale handling experience. MSRP $5,485




  • Accumulate, grapple, transport, load, and unload both trailers and barns using a single attachment.

  • The Grapalator does not limit the speed of your baler, ensuring a smooth workflow.

  • Versatile bale handling: With the capacity to handle 1 to 10 bales and bales ranging from 34" to 42" in length, it can also accommodate shorter bales with minimal adjustments.

  • Easy installation: Featuring convenient bolt-on mounting brackets for quick and hassle-free setup.

  • 86-5/8" Wide by 95-1/4" Long not including mounting brackets.

  • The Grapalator weight is 780 Pounds.

  • Rail storage: Removable rails are conveniently stored on the unit, keeping equipment safe

  • Swift conversion: Switching between functions takes less than 5 minutes, enhancing your productivity.

The Grapalator is your all-in-one solution for square bale handling needs.

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