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Flat Tooth Bar "FTB"


Flat Tooth Bars "FTB" are for Mini Skid Steers and Sub Compact Loaders with lift capacities up to 1,500 pounds and come in widths from 34-1/8" to 60 inches.  The Flat Tooth Bar fits over the top and bottom of the cutting edge of the bucket and is secured by only 2 bolts.  It leaves the ground smooth when back dragging and protects the bucket front cutting edge. 



  • Flat Tooth Bar is custom made to fit your bucket

  • No bolting or welding teeth individually

  • Improves digging efficiency saving time and effort

  • Gives smooth surface when back dragging

  • Helps protect cutting edge of bucket

  • Teeth are pinned to shank for easy replacement

  • Shanks are 1" thick

Inside dimension of the bucket is required in order to manufacture your tooth bar.

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