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Front Blade for Sub Compact Tractors up to 50 hp Tractors


The Front Blade is for Subcompact and Compact Tractors up to 55 Horsepower and is used for pushing snow, sand, dirt, manure, gravel, etc.  We can build your front blade with most any type quick attach or pin on connection for no additional charge.  The FBH-60 Front Blade Hydraulic 60" wide weighs 335 pounds.


The Front Blade comes in 60", 72", 84", and 96" widths and angles up to 30 degrees to the right or left.  A manual front blade is available with 5 positions; straight, 15 degrees left or right and 30 degrees left or right.


  • Replaceable Cutting Edge 1/2" thick by 6" wide and reversible.

  • Skid shoes prevent gouging by maintaining the blade at a preset height.

  • Blade height is approximately 22".

  • Spring Trip Blade design so that blade pivots when it hits an obstruction.

  • Hydraulic blade uses two double acting welded construction cylinders.

  • Hoses with Ag Style 1/2" quick couplers included on Hydraulic models.


  • Polyurethane cutting edge available for snow removal.

  • Radius dozer cutting edge available.

  • Easily add cylinders and hoses to Manual blade to convert to Hydraulic blade

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