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Front Blade X for 50 to 90 hp Tractors


The Front Blade X is for 50 to 90 Horsepower tractors and is used for pushing snow, sand, dirt, manure, gravel, etc.  We can build your front blade X with most any type quick attach or pin on connection for no additional charge. 


The Front Blade X comes in 84" and 96" widths and angles up to 30 degrees to the right or left.  A manual front blade X is available with 5 positions; straight, 15 degrees left or right and 30 degrees left or right. 


  • Replaceable Cutting Edge 1/2" thick by 6" wide and reversible.

  • Skid shoes prevent gouging by maintaining the blade at a preset height.

  • Blade height is approximately 30".

  • Spring Trip Blade design so that blade pivots when it hits an obstruction.

  • Two additional springs can be added easily.

  • Hydraulic blade uses two double acting welded construction cylinders. Includes Cross Over Relief Valve.


  • Polyurethane cutting edge available for snow removal.

  • Radius dozer cutting edge available.

  • Easily add cylinders and hoses to Manual blade to convert to Hydraulic blade

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