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Bale Spear "BSFA" & "BSPF"


The Bale Spear is a front end loader or skid attachment that Transports Round Bale Hay.




  • Same Frame as the Fork Attachment

  • 3,500 pound capacity

  • Can be easily convert to Fork Attachment and then back to Bale Spear.

  • Bales Spear is 49-1/4" Long

  • Bale Spear uses tapered sleeve with nut.

  • Two stabilizer spears at bottom attached with straight sleeve and locking bolt.

  • The Bale Spear weight is 240 Pounds.


  • PFXBS - kit to convert Bale Spear to a Pallet Fork attachment

  • FAXBS - kit to convert Bale Spear to Fork Attachment

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