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Accumulator "HA-10"


The Accumulator is a front end loader or skid steer attachment that Accumulates Square Bale Hay. MSRP $3,900




  • Effortlessly accumulates 1 to 10 square bales of hay.

  • Maintenance-free design with no moving parts.

  • Does not limit the speed of the baler.

  • Navigate easily around damaged bales, eliminating the need to halt the baler for busted bale removal.

  • Compatible with hay bales ranging from 32" to 42" in length.

  • Easy installation with bolt-on mounting brackets.

  • Additional Mounting Brackets available.

  • Dimensions: 94-1/2" wide by 93" long (excluding mounting brackets).

  • The Accumulator weighs 520 Pounds.

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